Do we burp baby immediately or wait

Do you burp your newborn immediately after feed or wait few minutes after. Cause sometimes i try to burp immediately and he will spit milk quite alot, like he kept some milk inside his mouth instead of swallowing

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I usually stay 3-5 minutes in the same position before burping. If baby doesn’t burp within 10 mins, I’ll stop and try again in awhile. No issues of spit ups after burping nor gas issues for mine.

We checked the mouth, making sure she has swallowed the milk before burping her in sitting position. If she doesn’t burp, will hold her in a more upright position for 5mins

Yes I burp on immediate because if I don't tummy will be gassy and your baby will vomit a lot.

i will wait for like 1-2mins to let the milk to flow down then burp


perhaps just a min