My helper sometimes brings and fetches my toddler to school. There have been a few occasions of neighbours and school teachers telling me to keep an eye on my helper and told things like how she drags my toddler, she doesn't hold my toddler's hand when walking by the road and they finish off their words with 'keep an eye on her'. I find her ok at home and I trust her, but the neighbours and school teachers' warnings send shivers down my spine and make me uncomfortable. It is the reality that it is impossible for me to see for myself how she behaves outside home. Have you encountered this? How do you deal with it? So far I have my family members (not living with us), neighbours and my toddler's school teachers warning me.

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Honestly, if I were you, I would trust the teachers, family members and neighbours cos it's impossible that all of them are in cahoots. I would send the helper packing. I don't need physical evidence to occur before my very eyes then I change. She is good only in front of you cos you are her employer. It's not easy to find a good help but weighing the danger of my child's life in another person who doesn't seemed to care is too pricely.

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I would trust your gut instinct. Perhaps also spot check on her by appearing unannounced at home or at the school meeting them halfway to see if there's any truth in what other folks say.