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Hi all, need advise when will you all bring baby to PD after several days of no poo-ing. Eg. After 1 week? Baby was on full bm prior to starting solids and he dont poo as often. Starting solids also seems to make him constipated as well. Any advice on what to eat as solids to make my little one poo more often? Thank you!

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my baby also have very hard stool since begining of solid, once she poop after 4-7 days, she cries every poop, everyone say give her more water, but not so easy cos my baby don't like plain water. Finally the one that really works is pear, papaya or prune (u can buy gerber prune)

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Hey! Foods like apples, banana and cereal can cause constipation in babies. Please try not to give too much. Try giving more fruits eg dragon fruit, papaya, pear, peaches, prunes. Otherwise you can try making chia seed pudding. Dragon fruit really helped my baby a lot..

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Have to drink more water or just a little bit of prune juice. It is possible to bring baby to doctor if really needed but usually they will just give some laxatives or do an enema which is only a short term solution.

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You can try prune puree! It's common for babies starting solids to be a bit constipated, perhaps you can make the solids more runny and let baby drink more water? Probiotics could help too.

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My bb used to have this problem of pooing, so I talked to him everyday that he has to try to poo poo and not keep it in. He now poo once or twice a day. :)

Drink more water or fruit juice or fruits. It will helps. Same for my baby. Now he poop daily.


Mine pooped after about a week too! Same as you, full bm before starting little bit of solids.


Eat fruits can help in pooing

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Mine constipation face super red I know how you feel.

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Try feeding dragon fruits