My 6.5mth baby started solids and hasn't poo in 2to3 days, it seems like she cannot push it out. Any advice what she can eat to help?

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Try giving probiotics, and make sure that she is drinking enough fluids. My kids started taking duolac this year. Ever since then, they poo everyday, and it’s not hard too. But sometimes if they skip taking the probiotics for a few days, they might end up having hard stools/don’t poo.

The longest my baby girl was ever constipated was 3 days. On the 3rd day she usually poop already. We do bicycle move to move her bowel. Mash fruits and rub RuYi oil. Always work! :)

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I gave prune puree at that age. Helped. When my baby was a bit older, I also mixed prune puree with plain yoghurt. Pretty effective!

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Prune, papaya, probiotic. Massage her tummy in circular motion. I also use EO (tummy rolls on), work for my LO

3 Ps that help with constipation: Papaya, Pear, Prune. So can feed baby papaya, pear and prune purée.

u can try steam papaya and make into purée. works every time for mine.

pear, prune, papaya..all works wonder. of course don't forget water

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apple and mango puree (:

Prune puree or papaya