My mother in law told me to use tuba leaves as homemade remedy for stomach pain for kids. She said it's effective and that the medicine is widely used in her province in Visayas. However, the the kids' pedia doesnt approve of this method. I dont want to hurt my mother in law's feelings by rejecting her suggestion. Any advise on how to deal with this?

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Its hard to reject people specially our in laws, but we cannot risk our kids safety as well.. But the question is, do you trust your in law or just the herbal she suggests?.. Because I believe if there is enough trust with the person, there is no doubt that we'll take the advise, like how you trust your baby's pedia's advise.. If in case you doubt your in law, its best to just say that your kid is too young to try those herbal remedy, probably once your kid is older.. For now, taking extra caution in anything we give the kid is more important.. Hope that would help..

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Since your pedia did not approved it treatment your in laws suggestion better not to try it . You should also talk to your mother in law about the risk possibilities of taking her suggestions since its not scientifically applied and practiced. Lets prioritised the safety of our child above anything else because life is so important if we lost it we cant regain it anymore.

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You can still show to your mother in law that you appreciate her suggestion, however, your pedia already gave medicine for your kid. Just tell her that you will take note of it for future reference.