Has anyone of you used tuba leaves as an herbal medicine for your baby's stomach pain? My mother-in-law's been saying I should use it because it is effective.

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Hey Ash! :) Like your mom in law, my Mama often suggests herbal medicines too. She grew up in Antique and using plants as medicines is not new to her. I asked about Tuba-tuba and she went on about how it can be used for different sorts of things. If it's for your little one's stomach ache, this would really be a nice cure. It is natural and effective. An extensive study of this plant revealed that it's extract has greater anti-inflammatory(medicines used for swelling and tenderness) and analgesic(medicines that relieve pain) properties than those of standard drugs. aside from being a pain reliever, it can also be used as other things like insect repellant, biodiesel fuel, profuse bleeding treatment and antimicrobial to name a few :) There's a detailed explanation about what Tuba-tuba plant is and its uses in an article I found over at http://www.stuartxchange.com/Tuba-tuba.html :)

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