My daughter has a sore throat for the last 15 days. What could be the possible reasons?

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I believe that you already took your daughter to see doctor. My daughter had a sore throat before but I feed her with warm water with honey from time to time. She got better after few days. My Husband and I want to avoid medical so we prefer alternative medication as first choice

Since your child's sore throat last for more than 1 week, you should bring her to PD for a check to rule out strep throat which needs to be on antibiotics. If it is not a strep throat, you can boil some cooling beverage such as barley and honey lemon for her to speed up the recovery.

If its not an infection she might be allergic to dust. You can try kashaya which is very effective: If this doesn't work then please visit the paediatrician.


Let her take vitamin C rich fruits. It will help

Probably take heaty food

May be some infection