Sore throat & Cough

Hi mummies, having sore throat (itching) and slight cough which makes me a little breathless. Any advice what I could take to ease the pain and congestion on the chest? Understand that I need to check with my gynae for medication.

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Can go GP for medication. Just tell them you’re pregnant and they know what medicine to avoid giving you. Gynae will not prescribe such medications for you, only GP.


steam mommy. hot water with salt and vicks or peppermint oil. gargle warm water with salt and vinegar. drink lemon honey water.

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4mo ago

Yea. These work for me.

Leftose works for me for sore throat! My gynae said it's safe :)

Manuka honey umf15+ is my go to when I'm starting to feel sickish.

4mo ago

Likewise. I Just take it on its own.