My daughter is 10 months old. She has not started to crawl. What should I do?

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My son started crawling late, even walking but its fine. Every child develops at a different pace, Don't have to worry. Looking at the brightside, You have a longer fun time of not having to run after a toddler! Just enjoy being parents!

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Don't worry abt baby not crawling. Some babies don't crawl and they started by walking straight away. Out of 4 kids, i got 2 of them who doesn't crawl and walk straight away. Your worry is unfounded. Fret not.

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Hi! There are some babies who didn't crawl but started walking instead. She will when she is ready. You can also encourage crawling by playing games like rolling the ball so she can follow it.

not to worry some baby skip crawling

my nephew skip crawling . think every babe develop differntly . some may start esrly some start late. dun worry ya

my son started crawling at 11months. he flipped over at 6mths only whereby the milestone for baby should be around 3months. we didnt force him or do anything. because we went for his checkups and all are normal. he only started walking at 17mths too. now an active 4yrs old toddler whom run non stop and play stop and jump non stop. so dont worry. every baby is different. my hubby is constantly telling dont compare him with other kids even till now. i guess mothers are always worrying non stop. haha.

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Don't 3 year old daughter did not crawl at all. She sat on her own at 5 mos and walked with guide at around 10 mos, walked by herself at 13mos. Do not worry, every child is different. :)

don't worry, they all learn at a different pace. she will eventually get there. you can entice her by putting her favourite toy or something that attracts her some distance away though. she will then learn to commando crawl - crawling without lifting the tummy off the ground. subsequently, you can help her by helping her shift her legs and arms while holding her butt up. doing exercises like making her touch opposite feet (left hand touch right feet and right hand touch left feet) will help her recognise that she needs to move them in this opposite manner to crawl as well.

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dont worry every bb is different.. when they are ready they w surprise u..

No worries ! Every baby develops differently . My younger daughter crawled at 10 months+ , learn stand & walk at 14 months . I used to be like you very worrying . Now I wish she don't walk . HAHA