My baby is 2 weeks old and he feeds every hour. I'm exhausted. He latches on fine but is really slow and falls asleep while feeding. I'm so so tired - how do I get him to feed every 2-3 hours?

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Like what Nooraini said, it is unlikely that there is any way to go around the frequent feedings because of the size of their stomach. Mostly, the first six to eight weeks will be more challenging, as it is the time when you are building your supply and both you and your baby are getting used to the process. Once you move toward a more predictable routing, nursing sessions will likely be shorter and things will likely be easier. Perhaps an adjustment of mindset could at least help ease the tiredness you are experiencing. - Accepting that you will be nursing most of the time and plan your day with that in mind. Have plenty of magazines, shows, and entertainment ready to keep you occupied while your baby is nursing. - Make a list of things that you would like to do for the week, prioritize and delegate some tasks. You may feel more accomplished if you managed to get some small tasks done. This way, you will not feel like your life is revolving around breastfeeding and breastfeeding only. - Have the items needed during nursing (e.h., diapers and wipes, water bottle, snacks, books etc) ready and easily accessible to facilitate the process. - Rest whenever you can. You need all the rest you can get. Consider sleeping with or near your baby during naps. You can also consider side lying nursing to got more rest. Even though your baby is feeding frequently, remember that sometimes it is just you he/she wants. Your whole being is comforting to your baby. Knowing this may make the thought of frequent feeding more bearable. :) For more useful tips on how to cope with frequent feedings:

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Hi Hui Qun, Your suggestion of making a list of tasks for the week, is such a good idea! 😊

i doubt you can follow the 2 to 3 hour feeding pattern so early on. newborns have small tummies and they can not take a lot of feed at a time. also, feeding is a very comforting experience for them and they often tend to fall asleep at the breast and keep latching on even when they are sleeping. i know you must be really tired but try to use these initial months as a resting phase, where you too lie down with your newborn and rest, even if your baby is still latched on. gradually your baby will get into the feeding pattern where he feeds every 2 or 3 hours and not all the time.

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Unfortunately, for newborns, as their stomach is small, the quantity per feed isn't much and breastmilk gets digested much faster than formula so it is normal for the baby to be hungry every 1 to 2 hours. What I tried before if my son fell asleep at the boob was to tickle under his chin. Usually it'd wake him up and he'll start sucking again. Or tickle his feet. Once he's done, he'll pull away. Jiayou mummy! The newborn phase is always the most challenging part. This phase will be over sooner than you know it.

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Hi~ur baby is still very young they need to feed once every 2 to 3 hours. The first 2 months will be the most challenging period for u. U have to be patient. I suggest if its night feeding u can lie down beside ur baby and let them latch on. Once they r done they will sleep and u can rest at the same time. And u need not move them thus minimizing the chance to wake them up. Breastfeeding is a tough journey but its super satisfying when u see ur baby growing well day by day. Its worth the hard work. Hang on there.

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