Baby boy always hungry

My 5 month++ old son always seems hungry. I wonder if it’s normal thing for baby boy? I normally feed him every 3 hours, 150 ml. But recently, it went to every 2 hours or sometimes even after one hour of his feeds he will be very fussy. Tried so many things like put him to sleep or etc but doesn’t works. After feeding him milk again, he’s ok. I’m afraid of overfeeding him but so far he doesn’t throw out milk. #firsttimemom

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He might be entering growth spurt stage, as long as he don’t throw up, it means it’s not his limit yet. Babies are very smart, if they are full, they will reject milk.

Did he ask for more right after each feed? If so, you can try giving him more in one go. My baby girl was drinking 180ml every 4 hours before a flu cut down her appetite.

should be growth spurt