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Need advice badly, my baby is 2 months + got problem getting to sleep every night... is been going on for about 2 weeks, every night before he sleep he will cry so badly till always get chocked by his silver. . Tried lots of diff way to make him sleep but he still cry and cry untill he really very very tired than he will forego crying and slowly fall asleep

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Hi, it could be a sleep regression and a leap. Maternal melatonin (hormone regulating sleep) wears off at this age and babies can get very poor sleep from these changes. My baby was very fussy when she turned 8 weeks. She refused day naps and was overtired /cranky by bedtime. How has the day naps been? It does sound like there's a possibility of baby being overtired, if you can rule out hunger, tummy gas, soiled diaper etc. You can consider setting a gentle routine from now. It can take a couple of weeks for the sleep and fussiness to settle down. Sometimes they are just very overwhelmed with all the changes that's happening to them, despite your best efforts to coax. It does get better with some routine. Hang in there!

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could it be colic? apply ru yi oil

It could be a leap , hang on there !

you can try example. switch on small dim light, rub tummy with oil and massage then slowly put baby to sleep.

Same goes to my boy but he is 1 week once or twice then makes me very stressed out about it as i have to go work the next day

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maybe colic or do you believe in superstitious stuff if yes you can go ask about what to put

take probiotics in morning. use ru yee oil to rub his tummy after bath. take ridwind at night... should b colic

Sounds like colic. Can try massaging the tummy. Make sure to burp after every feed. When my baby had colic, we went to PD and they recommend this Med: BioGaia. Helps my baby a lot. We still use it until now. It’s a little expensive. Think around $45 at watsons. But if I’m not wrong pupsik still have it on sale. Not so sure. But also please check with PD if okay to give.

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Maybe due to baby leap week and growth spurt

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Probably colic or stomach wind. Try to do some massage on his tummy & body.