Baby fussy only at 2am

I’m 9 days postpartum with my first child and I generally have an easy baby. He wakes up for feeds every 2/3 hours which is normal. It’s just that everytime he wakes up for his 2am/3am feeds, he cannot go back to sleep and is fussy. My husband and I tried carrying him and soothing him to sleep, using his pacifier, taking him out of the room for some fresh air but nothing works so far. He usually will only fall back asleep after his next feed which is the next 2/3 hours. Is this normal and what can my husband and I do?

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Thats normal. It requires trial error, learning their sleeping pattern every month because it changes. As a fresh NB, they are still adapting to changes, so you will definitely have sleepless night. Alternatively maybe you can massage tummy, swaddle, turn lullaby and ensure baby fully sleep before putting down in cot. Maybe this work. Just try first.

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My baby is like that too, she will be awake for 2 feeding during the night. It will eventually gets better. Its a bonus if she is quiet, sometimes she is fussy~