My baby boy is coming to 5 months and he still wakes up 2 to 3 times every night with screaming cries. Sometimes I feed him milk but he would reject taking it, so sometime I just give water to calm him down. I understand that babies have their own pace to sleep through the night (STTN). Can those mummies who had successfully trained their babies to STTN share their experiences or advices? Thanks!

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I managed to get my little one (almost same age as yours) to STTN until recently. I was latching her every 30 minutes and with her screaming her head off each time she woke up. After a few nights like this, I realised she's probably having teething pains. I standby a teether in the fridge at night and gave it to her. Worked for awhile before she woke up screaming again. Then I figured out giving her teething gel and it worked for 2 nights and history repeated itself. Somehow it dawned upon me that I was too tired in the middle of the night to change her diaper. Like her sister, once wet must change else it will be a screaming paradise. Finally gotten the perfect night diaper and my sleep is almost perfect if not for the teething pains. I believe looking into baby's cues and development milestones are very important to understand the needs of our child/ren. Sometimes we remembered this and forgot that. Trial and errors makes us grow together with the child and make us understand them better. Maybe it isn't anything you hadn't done correctly, maybe it's baby who's growing up needs some soothing comfort and help.

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normally when i clean him up for pyjamas changing, i will tell LO its time to sleep after milk milk. and then i will feed him and starts to stop talking to LO. after burping lie down on my arms for 10mins and will put LO in yaolan and tell him its time to sleep (一觉到天亮), give a goodnight kiss and coax LO to sleep. i from week 5 start to have this habit until now. for the first week sure he will still wake up but the dragging of duration will be longer. most impt is put a diaper that can last LO til morning, so no need to change him in the middle of the night to interrupt his sleep and even when he make noise, just give pacifier to make him sleepback. my boy only likes to suckle pacifier when he is sleepy or fussy and once soundly asleep he will either spit it out or i will take it out from his mouth. u need to know yr LO favourite position to sleep easily then it will be easier

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My baby is two months and she's already on a schedule. We follow a night time routine and we started it from the day she was born. During the day we keep her in a bright room, with lots of noise and activity. By 7 pm we give her a bath, lower the lights, close the curtain, switch on the aircon and play soft music - so she knows it's night and we are preparing her for bed. She usually falls asleep at 8 pm and then wakes up once at 11 for a feed and then she wakes up again at 5.30/6.00 am. We also give her milk in the day and less milk at night.

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830pm wash up 9pm drink milk 930pm zzz and she zz tru the night till morning about 6am for her feed. we follow the time everyday and slowly I guess she just gets use to it. now when it's about time for her milk. she will start rubbing her eyes and then we know we need to wipe her already and then feed her. BTW I do swaddle her and give her pacifier to sleep. when she in deep zzz, the pacifier will auto drop off. perhaps u try swaddling ur LO?

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Thanks Roshni and Suzanne for the kind replies! I will re-establish a daily routine for him and hopefully he would get better over time. Ya, shall find out whether he's having teething issue too Suzanne! Thanks for the advice!

Try a pacifier. Play soft melodies or record your own voice of either lullaby or nursery rhymes or cooing sounds...