My baby is 10 weeks now and he is still waking up every two hours or lesser for milk ( shorter in the day time ) . He drinks about 80- 100 ml each time . Is it too much ? How can I lengthen the feeding time and let him sleep more esp at night ?

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I lengthened my feeding time by introducing the pacifier. My baby is 13 weeks now and she drinks every 3.5 hours about 120ml. She also sleeps from 8.30-12, wakes for a night feed and sleeps till 6 or 7 these days. I attribute this to us introducing the concept of day and night for her. When it's daytime we switch on all the lights, feed her more frequently, carry her all the time and expose her yo a lot of noise. Where as when it hits 8pm, we wind down. Close the blinds, switch on aircon and keep the room very quiet. So she knows night time is to sleep and day time is to play.

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By two to three months most babies are stretching for 6 -8 hours before needing a night feed and then three hourly thereafter. If your baby wakes more than this, try to cluster feed in the evening before 8pm to top her up so she sleeps for longer. Two or three extra little snack feeds at this time can help. If he wakes consistently three hourly at night and yet is gaining good weight, you can start to stretch your little one with a dummy or a little water at the first night waking. Be sure to do all night feeds quietly and calmly.

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At 10 months your baby needs to be fed as per demand. i know it makes it difficult for you to rest or sleep, but for the first few months, let him feed at his pace, as it will help him get the best amount of nutrition. both my kids also woke up at similar intervals for the first almost 4 to 5 months, and it felt they would never get a regular sleeping routine. but gradually your baby will start taking more time in between feeds. please avoid giving pacifiers and feed instead.

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my baby also 10 weeks old. she drinks abt 90 - 120ml every 3 hours. at night she sleeps longer. we feed her about 120-130ml for her last feed and she will sleep for about 5-6 hours.

Keep feeds ready if he can bottle feed. Or remove your milk and keep handy. Put it in his mouth just a little before hes supposed to cry for feed. You won't have to ever worry again

My feeding time by introducing the pacifier. She drinks every 4 hours about 150ml rest of the time I feed baby cereal, and baby biscuits

your baby is still very young ... feeding on demand is best.