Hi dear mumies, My baby is 18 days old She drinks about 120 ml per time Before i feed her about 80 ml per time But sometimes still hungry that why my husband told to feed her 120 ml per time. Each time i just can pump max about 80 ml and now i tried to pump more so i feel it turns less milk, can you guys suggest me what i should eat to have more milk? and should i just feed her 80 ml?

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if you mentioned that she is still hungry from the 80ml. maybe you want to give 100ml. 80ml switch to 120ml is a huge gap. With regards to increasing of milk, have you tried to latch? Remember to drink and hydrate yourself, eat proper meals and have adequate rest.

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Have you tried milk boosters? It can help in increasing your milk supply. Also try to squeeze in a power pump session, it will have to stimulate more milk supply.

If really not enough why not feed formula? My 66days old baby is drinking formula since birth and now she's drinking around 90ml about every 2hrs.

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Drink more fluids. Durian and milk with oats can boost my milk. Maybe you wanna give it a try? 😅

Drink more water. Try Milo. Oats. All these helps me