My 6-month-old babe can now mimmic her auntie’s hand gesture (while dancing and matched with music)! Such a delight! Is she considered a fast-learner or typical at her age? :)

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That's so cute! Have you taken a video of it? It's a nice memory to capture. According to, the developmental milestone for mimicking actions is from 8 to 12 months old, so I would believe that your baby is a fast learner. Your baby will also imitate other actions, including undesirable actions so do be careful of her surroundings.

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My son is 6+ months too but hasn't been able to mimic hand moments except for making "baabababababababa" everytime I say "Mama" to him. Your baby is a fast learner definitely

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I'm super happy! :) Would definitely video it next time (I know she still can do it) as we were overwhelmed the 1st time so everybody is just so busy to watch. Thanks mummies!