My 4-m.o baby still doesn't recognize plush toys even though they're very colorful. Is it too early for them to recognize them?

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In the first year, an infant’s vision improves greatly. From the blurry vision that he/she may have, to being able to see quite clearly. At birth, he/she can detect light, shapes and motion. He/she can only focus on things that are 20-30cm away. He/she will be able to make eye contact by the end of the first month. At three to five months old, the baby starts to differentiate different colours and could focus on smaller objects. His/her depth perception develops and would be able to focus on objects that are 1m away. The baby could also track movements of objects around him/her. By the time the baby reaches one year of age, he/she should be able to see quite clearly. However, his/her vision will continue to develop and would likely be fully developed by three to five years old. Here’s an article highlighting the developmental milestones of your baby’s vision: From the article, your baby should be able to differentiate different objects and colour from between three to five months. However, every baby develops differently. Here is a checklist that you can refer to for signs that indicate a more serious eye problem:

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Though interests and development varies in children your child should be interested in toys by now. Most 4 month olds are able to reach out for toys and grasp them. Your child should be interested in objects and people and she should be exploring the world with her hands, eyes and mouth. If she's looking and touching around and vocalizing back and forth with you then she should be ok. Either way do highlight this concern you have to your doctor on the next assessment.

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Your baby has just started to distinguish subtle shades of colours. Red and blue tend to interest infants more at this age. At this age, your baby should be able to track the movement of the toy with her eyes and grasp or reach out for the toy. Try Lamaze toys. They're targeted at infants and come in bright, bold colours with different sounds, textures and shapes.

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Hi Jamie! Thanks for this. Yeah, we're using Lamaze brand for our baby's toys.