Will a 4-month old baby appreciate wooden and colorful toys?

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A four-month old will be attracted colourful objects of different shapes. The baby’s motor skills will improve, he/she will be able to reach, hold and move objects around. It is also highly likely that most of the objects will end up in the baby’s mouth. Therefore, it is important that the toys are not choking hazards and are safe for chewing. Wooden and colourful toys should be fine for babies. You can also consider getting rattles, stuffed animals (but avoid those with detachable features, i.e., plastic eyes, bells, ribbons etc), board books and rubber squeaky toys. Everyday objects such as wooden spoons also makes good items for babies to play with as they explore and learn about their surroundings.

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Yes, my babies like wooden toys when they are young. If you intend to purchase wooden toys, make sure you buy non-bleach, naturally made wood instead of artificial one which has been treated with chemical, as young babies tend to put toy into their mouth. For colorful toys, babies definitely like them. Make sure the toys are not choking hazards. I love fisher price toys and munchkin toys which indicate suitable age levels for baby.

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Hi, coiourful toys yes and wooden toys which are pointed at the edges are the best, try selecting bright colours they respond very well.check this video on impact of colours for kids aged 0-1 yr:- https://www.theindusparent.com/how-colour-affects-the-way-we-feel

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Yes, they will be attracted to colourful things