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Must me and my partner be social distancing when outside in public when going to kkh for appointment?

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Don’t need when sitting on the chairs outside or when going in to see the doctor. However during the scanning at AMC during this period, they only allow the patient to be in the room, your partner has to wait outside.

No need if you living inside the same house. Fyi la... Condoms sales are very good now u know. So the conclusion is same house, no distance unless sick.

do u guys live together? if yes then don’t need. members of the same household do not need to practice social distancing.

2y ago

ic address don’t really matter. y’all already live tgt, sleep and eat tgt also

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If you are living in the same house, you don’t have to practice social distancing

no not necessary because you belong to the same household

from what I know, if its under same house don't have to..

People from the same household don't need it

Don’t need to in same household.

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same household no

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