First Trimester = Bedridden due to morning sickness?

Mums, is it by default that first trimester is a bedridden period due to severe morning sickness, nausea and fatigue? For the working mums, do they put on a strong show at work and endure the impossible?

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Yes for me too. The minute i’m awake, my morning sickness starts and it won’t stop until i go back to sleep. I’m lucky i’m a fulltime housewife. But staying on your own, with no help, kinda sucks. My house is in a mess. My husband tries to help wherever he can but he works long hours so i understand that he’s tired. I just engaged part time helper this coming wednesday. Hope it will help lessen my burden. I dont know how working mums do it, managing the nausea and all. Really salute you ladies!

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I was feeling ok during my 1st pregnancy and went to work as normal. But now 2nd pregnancy totally opposite. Suddenly gastric pain 24/7, nausea and giddy. I even fainted and went a&e for drips. my Tmc gynae prescribe Diclectin pill to help with the nausea and vomiting. guilty unable to cook for my son for 3months he eat outside food. Laundry also hub do. lucky he work from home now.Now I'm at week 16. All ok except tiredness and giddy at times. finally can eat and move.

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Not everyone the same for my case I am told to bedridden due to my morning sickness start exactly after 12pm to morning 5am. And 3x threatened abortion.

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Omg. And I thought mine was bad... Hope all is well with you and the baby.

I think she should rest first from her work and when feel better can continue again her work.

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Not necessary as some people shows no sign of symptoms at all. So it varies.

You can consider about Rest from Work for few month till you feel better

I took 2 months sabbatical leave... as it is unmanageable😞

For me yes, so I took unpaid leave from work.

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Me too with my first pregnancy

I gotten mc from kkh.