I am in my first trimester and have been going through severe morning sickness. But to add to that, I had a nose bleed in the morning. Is that normal? Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening again?

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Hi mommy, nosebleeds are common in the first trimester. Your body will start to increase blood production, an of about 40% more blood than usual. The delicate thin skin of your nose becomes an easy target when blowing your nose, crying, sneezing, or pretty much anything can cause a light nosebleed. Don't let your nose get too dry if possible. A friend of mine suggests using Vaseline jelly or if possible, be around a humidifier whenever you can, especially when you sleep. http://www.whattoexpect.com/blogs/jenns-product-guide-to-a-posh-pregnancy-/chapter-1-congratulations-youre-expecting-nosebleeds-heartburn-nausea-and-a-super-sniffer-

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hi mom, a nose bleed is very common actually when you are pregnant. i had it in both my pregnancies, and was quite freaked out when i had it in the first pregnancy. my doctor told me that during pregnancy, the nose tends to get really dry, because of which it often suffers a lot of abrasions and hence the spotting you may notice when you cough or sneeze. sometimes you may even notice some bleeding from the nose just like that. apply some moisturizer around the nose area to prevent it from getting too dry.

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Anu gender po ng mga anak nio?

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have you seen a doc about the nose bleed? Come to think of it, my nose was really sensitive during pregnancy. I thot it was due to my flu that cause the skin to be irritated