pillow for NB

hi mummies! is buckwheat or bean sprout husk pillow better for NB? are there any cons for both? *pillow not for the head to put on the tummy etc.*

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buckwheat will be heavier n harder...my mom gotten beansprout husk for making pillow for my bb tats coming out.. but not for the head to lie on..bb shud onli start using pillow aft sometime i read...

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Newborns shouldn’t use pillows:) it’ll make their necks bend, and may block their airways. A good, firm mattress is all they need

Erm y would you want pillow for baby? It’s dangerous to have pillow around baby when they are sleeping this is to prevent SIDS

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Newborns should sleep on a flat surface, no need for a pillow :)

Beansprout . But i used it only after 1 year old .

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normal cotton pillow would suffice for me


I use the traditional sprout husk pillow

used the bean sprout husks pillow

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i bought those organic buckwheat.

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better without pillow.