During Pregnancy, In Which Month Or Trimester Will Have Morning Sickness?

Hi all mummy and mummy to be. Please give some advise. Currently I at my first month of first trimester and I jus wonder what morning sickness will I have upcoming month or soon to start? Thanks.

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I felt sick right from week 5 till now (week 11). Had very bad acid reflux and nausea especially in the morning and night. Almost every morning I’ll vomit gastric juice (greenish yellow, bitter tasting liquid) 😩 I used to love eating spicy food but now I can’t even have a mouth of it. I tried avoiding acidic, oily and spicy food, and it does help reducing the burning sensation I feel in my stomach. Occasionally I’ll drink coconut water and 100plus (non-carbonated) when I feel super dehydrated from all the vomiting.

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For some people they have thier morning sickness during the 1st trimester which is 1st month to the 3rd month but for other some people they completely have thier morning sickness throughout thier whole pregnancy journey which is 1st trimester to thier last trimester which is 3rd trimester for 9 whole months and also usually for morning sickness you will keep on feel like vomiting when you smell some of the food but for others it is really depends already cause different body will act different during pregnancy

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It's different for everyone. I experienced morning sickness starting from week 3 even before I can confirm my pregnancy, all the way till end of my first trimester. Some women may suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is excessive vomiting, all the way till they give birth. So there's no exact month that you'll get morning sickness. Some lucky ones don't even experience any symptoms! Hope you're one of the lucky ones! 😄

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2y ago

This is really great advise. Thank you very much. I hope I am the lucky one as what you describe😊!

I'm in my 2nd month, morning sickness started around week 5. Nauseous most of the day, no fixed time... usually worse in the mornings and at nights.... Vit B6 seems to help some mothers but for me doesnt have an effect. Doc prescribed anti nausea meds to be taken every night as well, doesnt seem to help too. Right now, i'm just learning to take one day at a time..... 😅🥲

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7mo ago

Same here, since week 5 now at week 9.. living one day at a time, hoping this morning sickness will go soon..

Mine started from Week 6 and I’m currently in Week 9. Still feeling nauseous and picky with food. Can’t smell strong smelling food, the fridge or sometimes my husband’s breath!!! It’s horrible. I’m losing weight because of lack of appetite too. I’m hoping it gets better! All the best to you and all mummies out there! 💪🏼

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I started vomiting from Week 7 and was experiencing slight headache & giddiness. I’m full of gas as well. Lots of farts & burps 😫 Now I’m at Week 9, it’s still around, but better… (hopefully it’ll be gone by 2nd trimester). Stay hydrated & rest more! Congrats on your pregnancy!

I am almost 20 weeks and asked KKH doctor when will morning sickness stop. Doctor said some women are lucky that they started at 2nd month and will end around 16 weeks. But some like me who are sensitive will be throughout pregnancy. I vomitted everyday and nausea, dizzy and tired.

mine started around week 7 and now im week 10 and it can be controlled with diclectin so not that bad alr. the morning sickness can hit you abruptly so just take note and if you need to rest, just lie down and rest, you will feel much better

My morning sickness kicked in from week 4. Got worse from week 6 to now where I'm at week 9. Heartburn, headache, puking after every meal. Stay hydrated as much as possible and eat small meals every 2 hours or so.

in my 2 pregnancies,i usually throw up in the afternoon and at night. in my first baby..it ended up to 5th month. Now in my 2nd preg..feeling ko parang mawawala din sya kaagad kasi di ko napansin nagsuka ako kahapon