morning sickness and vivid dreams in third trimester

Currently at Third trimester. I am having morning sickness and all sorts of funny dreams.. I encounter this during first trimester. Second trimester was normal... Now again. Anyone else like me?

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My 1st tri was a horrible experience. 2nd tri alot better. now at 35 weeks,3rd tri, I often feel nauseous but only vomitted like 3-4 times. Appetite gone down again so 1 days maybe only eat like 2 small meals (3 scoops of rice kind) and insomnia (but manage to get some meds from gynae to aid this but side effect is, will sleep throughout the day too). I have been dreaming alot since day 1 of pregnancy so not a huge factor to me. if you feel really uncomfortable, bring it up to your gynae at the next check up and ask for advice.

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Super Mum

Me! Although I had nausea throughout the whole pregnancy. Haha. Hang in there dear... and congrats!!:)

4y ago

Thanks.. Sigh...its my second pregnancy ... totally different from the first one.

Hi mummies, any tips on how to overcome morning sickness?