Week 6 Pregnant

Hi, is anyone in their first trimester now? I am at Week 6 currently, will only be seeing my gynae at Week 8. So far i have no morning sickness or nausea which is concerning me abit. What are your first tri symptoms?

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Not currently pregnant but I didn't have any morning sickness for my entire pregnancy since I found out at week 4. I had bad fatigue and bloating and sore breasts, which all got better by late first tri. I didn't vomit for the entire pregnancy. Nausea and food/smell aversions were quite minimal for me too. It was generally a chill pregnancy for me and I still did many things including exercising all the way till the end. If gynae says all is well, enjoy it!!

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3y ago

hi! just wondering, did you end up having a boy? sounds kinda like the smooth pregnancy I've read about from those having a boy!

Almost Week 6 here! 👋The fatigue is real. Sensitive nipples too. I have been gagging a alot, but only puked for the first time today. Walked through the food court earlier and was super overwhelmed by all the different food smells. Also starting to auto-reject some foods immediately after taking a bite.

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Not all pregnant women will experience morning sickness so don't make yourself stress alright. Just enjoy the moment cos having MS is not fun at all. My 1st symptoms is sore & tender boobs followed by MS, food aversions & heightened sense of smell. It was terrible!

Hi, i didnt experience nausea until week 7+. No other pregnancy symptoms too. But don't worry, some other mummies didnt experience any symptoms throughout their 1st trim (my friend is one of them!) Just stay positive and look forward to your first ultrasound (:

Hi! I didn't have morning sickness my entire pregnancy and only a wee bit of nausea that was sporadic. My symptoms were bad fatigue, bloating and tender breasts. I had pretty mild food / smell aversions. All the best!

week 9 here! mine started with tender breasts, dark nipples, light cramps. then nausea, super no appetite, super sensitive sense of smell, bloated with loads of burping! Not all experience morning sickness, lucky u!

Hi. currently i am not pregnant but during my 1st trimester i kept feel like vomiting whenever i go when it comes to shopping when you can smell the food it was really horrible for me cause i dont like to vomit

I had fatigue, really bad nausea, sore boobs and feeling gassy keep burping. But some women don’t have morning sickness so it’s okay I think. Lucky for some! 😂

Week 28 here, no nausea/vomiting throughout as well! Symptoms doesn’t happen to everyone, although I reckon the frequent peeing is almost unanimous !! 😂

m 11 weeks now .. nil signs of morning sickness … nil vomitting… eating almost everything … 🤭