Need help. 7 weeks nauseous with no vomiting.

Hi mummy's! I'm 7 weeks currently. With nausea without vomiting. I'm hungry but I can't eat. I can barely finish my food. I can only take like 2 to 3 mouths of food each time. I try to drink milk to stop my hunger but I'm also lactose intolerant. I've tried eating plain biscuits and bread. Little by little, but my hunger doesn't go down. This feeling at the chest area, that constantly makes me want to puke but THERE IS NO PUKE COMING OUT. What can I do to help me out of this uncomfortable situation?

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hi, my nausea and food aversion was very bad during week 6 onwards. I tried these and it works for me. I had meat and veg aversion which basically leave me close to no choice. 100 plus active (its non carbonated supposed to be better than the gassy ones for us preggy mamas. ) chilled plain water (I cant stomach room temp plain water) twinning lemon ginger tea (helps w the gass too ) milo soy milk (cos I dont drink milk too ) fruits that are soft ( strawberries, blueberries, banana ) stay away from hard ones like apples. food wise, stay away from strong smelling food, plain congee is great. I survived on one packet upsize chicken congee for whole day during week 6. I was advised to eat really small amount like 2-3 spoonful each and every 2 hours. it's supposed to help w the nausea. dont let yourself get too full from eating or get too hungry. dont lie down on bed immediately after eating. (can cause heartburn) the feeling you get at your chest could be caused by heartburn or gas. Gaviscon plus is safe for preggo mama and it works. preggie pops and Himalayan salt candy works for nausea when im out and about. currently I'm feeling better and can eat more variety of food. I'm still eating small quantities and frequent meal. be patient and strive on, you can do it.

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Experiencing the same problem. Currently week 11. I usually get super hungry the moment i wake up. I take only scrambled egg or fried egg with as minimum oil as possible, steam egg is fine too. I try taking milo or honey water. As plain water has been hard for me too. I will normally take my lunch after at least 4 hours from breakfast and mainly only protein or veg as i find carbs being too heavy for me. Dinner is worse for me as i can't sleep with a full tummy so i normally take little to light snacks such as fruits or yoghurt. I find lying down and sleep is the best way to cure the nauseous and bloatingness. So i always allow myself to rest 30mins after meal. There's nothing we can do but strive through this process. Hopefully this method helps😊

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eat anything that makes u feel better. small frequent meals as well, drink from cup and not straw or bottle, In sips. on a side note, having nausea and morning sickness means baby is healthy. (: press on! this too shall pass. I'd severe HG for #1, and slight sickness for #2. even with #3 now I also experience nausea, maybe puking 2 to 3x or slightly more a day. I eat whatever that makes me feel better. abstain oily food, spicy etc.

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Exact same problem for me. gotten some prescription for morning sickness and finally could calm that nauseous feeling down (3rd day on the med now) Lunch I could eat well, mainly proteins and soupy items. Carbs don't go well with me, so I just take a few mouthful. Plain water doesn't work well at any time, so I have milo with me. Dinner I try to eat early at 5.30/6pm, so that 2hrs later i could eat the med and knock out into sleep.

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I got rhe nausea medication too. Helps a little but still unable to eat full. Yes, I try to go for soups if I'm not able to eat well. 4th day down with the nausea medicine too.

I’m in the same situation. I’m very hungry. But when I try to eat, I feel very nauseous but there’s no vomiting. I keep gagging. Breakfast and lunch is the worse. My appetite open up better at night. But still can’t eat much. I drink some warm milo kosong (no milk no sugar) and sometimes Ribena light. And it helps to keep the nauseous away.

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Try some ginger for the nausea. Sometimes some scent of ginger or oils help too. I also tried SeaBand It may take awhile for you to find whatever helps you. Just keep trying! If milk doesn’t help, try soya bean milk, oat milk, milo, honey lemon water, etc.

maybe u wanna try avocado milk juice to stop your hungry n stop ur vomitting ?? thats what i did for my first trimester where i puke everything i eat. mainly no solid food can go into me only liquid ones i think

Same! I only had bread the first few weeks of pregnancy. I felt nauseous after a few bites. I did eat those dried sour plums, as I read that it will help with the nauseous. And it does for me!

I also couldn't eat a full meal during my 1st tri too and the nauseous feeling was always late afternoon. I drank Ribena to help with the feeling.

100 Plus works for me. You might wanna try? :)