Do You Take Medicine From Dr When You Are Sick Or Just Let It Heal By Its Own

Hi mummy, may I know when you fall sick during pregnancy (ie flu and cough) do u take any medicine prescribe by Dr or just let it heal by its own. I am sick for 2 days and trying to a void the medicine.

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Try to self medicate 1st. I had headache so i iced my head n back of the neck area. Although recovery takes a longer time but it helps. I also buy balms from Inara Organics. It helps and they hv balms of different kind for different sickness. Safe for pregnancy and babies. Do check them out.

I am having flu and slight fever i tried natural remedy but did not help i got to go and consult the GP and she gave mild flu medicine only no fever medicine bec i am only 7 weeks. Now am smelling the YL essential oil to make me less sick. Feels better!

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I used Peppemint

In my final trimester... Recovering from flu and fever.. I drank a spoonful of honey with black pepper at night to help with sore throat and loads of water throughout the day.. finally recovering from flu and fever...

I would take if I’m really super sick n didn’t recover after resting a night or so. I think if mother is too sick probably isn’t good for the baby too?

Try natural remedies first but if you’re having fever, it’s better to consult doctor, especially if you’re in your first tri.

Panadol is safe for pregnancy (not the flu max or extra kind). Just take the lowest dosage for the shortest amount of time.

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If healing at home not working. Should surely see doctor. They prescribe pregnancy safe meds

Haven't been taking any medication for the past 8 months. I prefer to avoid

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If not serious, I'll just manuka honey and let it heal by itself

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I will take paracetamol 500mg only