Newborn Jaundice

Hi mummy, anyone know if send newborn to private PD what is the cutoff measurement then they will let baby do phototherapy? The one at polyclinic cut off should be around 308 and must visit them daily for baby test to monitor which i think it's taking too long to treat

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The cut off changes depending on how old the baby is, ie. it changes every few days. From the perspective of a mum whose baby had to go through phototherapy twice (24hours each time), please don’t aim for your baby to go through it. It’s heartbreaking! Her jaundice was severe enough that she needed double (sided) phototherapy.. so she was effectively naked except for the diaper on a hard transparent cot trolley for 48 hours. I couldn’t touch her when she was screaming her lungs out non stop, except every 3 hours when they would allow me to breastfeed her for a short while.. then she went back in again and screamed more. That was 4 years ago, and I still remember the trauma. And although the jaundice level drops rapidly initially after the phototherapy, it still rises again before it gradually comes down. That’s still many blood tests (1 entire month, every few days) even after phototherapy. My second daughter also had jaundice, but she just missed the mark to require phototherapy. I was actually really relieved. We just fed her as much as possible (to overcome breastfeeding jaundice) and also topped up with formula milk, to make the levels go down more quickly. She turned out to have slightly fewer blood tests than my other daughter in the end.

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my PD gave us 300 for the cutoff for phototherapy, so far my daughter reached 217 in 1 week time, and the increament only around 40 for every 3 days, within this week the jaundice should be reduced already

Went to PD at TMC yest and doctor recommend to ward my son for phototherapy. Reading was 252. After a day of treatment, reading dropped to 180! :)

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Just went to the PD yesterday for baby's first check up! He mentioned 280!

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that time my lo cutoff level from 7 they send him in phototheraphy .

3y ago

My is in hospital they send it . Then discharge if more than 8 then got to go again. Private. at tmc


I believe diff pd is slightly diff too