Hi mummies I do store my breastmilm in freezer for the 1st 6months because monthly or daily baby intake will increase so im lost. Baby started with 80ml now 100ml and all my stash in freezer is 100ml and now shes drinking 130ml how do i pour or make it to 130ml if i thaw two packet of milk 200ml each 70ml will be left to throw cause she's drinking 130ml.i have seen alot of mummy store for at least a year and im confused how thay gauge as time.goes by intake increase.pls advice me thank you very much.

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I just store to the max of my milk bag to maximise the capacity and pour into individual bottles according to the amount my girl drinks. If there's balance (as it's not stored exactly to what my LO needs), i use the remaining for milk bath.

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Those that you freeze initially you just leave it. Now baby milk is increasing, you just freeze and amt she drinks now. You can defrost some packs in the chiller compartment and spilt it into bottles of the correct amount before heating up

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If you have too much you can try donating and ask for milk bag in return. I am going for surgery and struggle to pump out enough bm for my LO while I'm at the hospital. I was sturggling to find donated bm but managed to find some kind mamas. There are mummies who struggle to give bm to their LOs so by donating yours you can help them.

for me I just pump till the bag is full and freeze. if you have sufficient supply then I suggest just pump freeze. no need to worry about it. in that way no milk will be wasted.