Baby intake unstable

Need some help on this please. My 2mo intake very unstable.. previously always 90-100ml, then suddenly her intake drop very badly turn out shes having some cold symptoms. After discharge her intake went higher around 80-100ml but mostly 80ml instead of 50-70ml. So i was wondering is it normal? Her block nose should be slightly better. She is back to active Poop wise still observing cause she only poop 3 times alot yest and today none. Please need some one who has experience in this and let me know the outcome. im stressing and worrying...

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Super Mum

It’s normal to be unstable when they’re unwell/teething/having major leaps in milestones. As long as she’s peeing well and is active, that’s fine:) at this age, your baby should be drinking around 100ml/kg/day, so if you feed her every 3 hrs, 80ml x8 is more than enough:)

1y ago

thankyou..cause im so afraid her intake is still considered im least worry