Hi, I have a question. I will always expressed my BM and store all in a fridge. I was wondering if i go out w my baby,do i bring few packet from e fridge store in a cooler bag? Where do i heat e milk up? OR Do i have to give formula when im Out cause mu baby dun latch. I can pump milk and use within 4-6hrs room temp but if one time i put out 3packet all i have to use within 4-6hrs and my baby drinks every 3hrly afraid that e expressed milk Will be wasted. Quite confused. Pls advice me Thank you

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I’m a fully EP mama too. Usually I’d pre-pack the amount my bubba drinks into the milk bottle x (the no. of feeds she’s gonna take outdoors) and keep them in a cooler bag - using packit. Packit needs extra ice pack of you’re out for more than 2-3 hrs for a cooler milk. For heating, bring out a flask with hot water and warm the milk up by putting bottle in a container/mug with hot water. Usually if you’re at a mall, you can get hot water refills at the nursing room! Pumping wise, I’ll do my scheduled pump and store my milk in the same cooler bag - I usually store them in bottles cause I don’t wanna waste too many storage bags.

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Just sharing what my ex-colleague did. For short trips (errands that are just a few hours), she would try to pump and bring the freshly expressed breast milk out for that trip. Otherwise, she would prepare one bottle taken from the fridge and bring a couple of bottles and keep them in a cooler bag with ice packs. The one that is taken out from the fridge would likely be at room temperature or just slightly colder when it is feeding time. She will also remove one bottle from the cooler bag during that feed so that it would be "warmed up" to room temperature in time for the next feeding. Hope this helps!

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6y ago

Thank you!

Bring freshly expressed breastmilk for the next feed then whichever amount of bottles u need in a cooler bag. I also bring hot water in a thermal flask and an empty bowl/cup. The 1st feed, use the freshly expressed milk. The subsequent feed warm the milk in the bowl or cup. You can mix the hot water with tap water outside to warm the milk as it's not good to use too hot water to warm milk.

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6y ago

Hi, Thanks for the reply. FReshly expressed breastmilk i got It 4-6hrs can consumed. The bottles one from e fridge transfer to cooler bag put with ices then when is baby milk time warm it up with warm water right?

Hi. Usually I bring out 1-2 packets then bring along fm just in case. Pack hot water in a flask. Got those daiso tin mug for $2 and put the pack of milk inside to warm up. Works for me so far

I would bring a portable pump out with me, such as the hakka pump if im planning to be out long. If its just a short trip, then ill feed baby before i head out.

I will expressing the milk before going out n bring it along. When at outside, I will find feeding room to feed my B.B. n expressing for next feeding. :)