meeting feng-shui master

For mummies who engaged a feng-shui master to help with LO's Chinese name... I heard will meet the master for explanation and stuff few days after baby is born. however, that period is confinement period. mummies can go out? and can baby go too? in my case no one cn help me take care...

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I think you can just go with your husband and baby for a short while and get home after that. Try not to stay out for too long especially under air conditioner

Can get hubby to go down instead... or get the fengshui master to comeby your places

My husband will go down to listen and come back to convey the message to me :D

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I just go. Anyway I will still bring baby for check-ups etc.

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Hi... you can go with your hubby and bring your baby along.

Normal is husband go down and get it done

Hubby went to meet and get the names

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Maybe get your hubby to go instead

Ask ur hubby or family help

Maybe hubby can go?