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Hi mummies when do you start to let ur solid have solid food? Some of them told me it can be as early as 4 mths old. Is it true?

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It’s not based on age. You need to check if your baby is ready for solids. Babies should be able to sit up well without support, no tongue thrust effect and does not automatically push food out of his mouth with tongue, baby is willing to chew. You can also check with your PD. I started when baby is 5 months old.

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6 months is the general guideline but some babies are ready earlier. If your baby already can sit up straight you can try feeding some runny puree in small amount first and test if baby knows how to swallow. Check if diaper output is normal afterwards, if all looks good then you're good to go!


6 months. Because they are able to sit and gut is more or less developed. This reduces the risk of allergy. And I don't puree my food. Just mash it and serve. All my kids ate what I cook for the whole family, minus the seasoning

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Every child is different, some can be ready as early as 4 months. I started at around 5 months as PD said my baby is ready. If you are unsure, better to check with your PD.

Guidelines is 6 months and above then can start solid. Seek advices from your PD. Our PD gave us green light to start slowly at 5.5 months.

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Always seek your PD advise. Who guideline is 6mo. Unless theres special condition that require baby to start solid early.

I give one to two spoon of mashed porridge to my baby starting 5.5mo to train swallowing. PD recommend 7mo.

Every kid is different. 4 months could be possible but mine was about 6 mths

4 months... Super blend porridge.

6month. When baby show ready