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When you start to let your baby to eat solid food?

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7 mths old when she can sit upright unassisted as we did the blw method. Glad I took this route coz now she can eat herself tru the meal together wif us without the need of me feeding her.

My baby is 5 mos now and starting on solid food all pureed food, like avocado, banana, apple, squash, carrots and potato, steam and blend it and he is ok with it

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After 5.5 months and when baby is ready ie. can sit unsupported with good neck support, loses tongue thrust reflex, show interest in solids.

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I started giving cereal at 4.5 months. Because the PD allowed. swooped over to BLW at 5.5 months because she can sit up unassisted already.

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After 6 months. Slowly introduced though, as he couldn't sit upright by himself yet.

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Check out the book top 100 baby purees by Annabel karmel

After my baby turned 6 months old :)

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Started at 7 months!

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Around 6 months...

6 months onwards