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Hi, may I know what is the first solid food that you introduce to your LO? When do you start giving your LO solid food? #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls Thank you in advance! :)

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Mine started 1 week shy of 6 months. First solids was Gerber organic rice cereal. I made it really diluted with my BM almost similar to milk consistency then gradually thicken it. My cousin added some into her baby’s milk. After that my baby tried Heinz or Gerber baby purée off the shelves but she didn’t like it so I steamed some butternut pumpkin and made into purée, poured them into silicone ice cube (food) trays and froze them. For a start she ate 1 cube then I gradually increase to 2. When I saw her eating her solids well, I explored with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Try giving vegetable purées for a start to get used to the unsweetened flavour of the solid food world.

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3mo ago

thank you for sharing! :)

papaya and mango puree. abt 5 months+

3mo ago

thank you! :)