When do u remove your baby’s mittens? I’m worried that my baby will scratch herself if I dun let her wear mittens.

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My baby (2.5 months) only wears mittens at night if his nails are long and are not cut yet. In the day I try not to let him wear mittens so that he can touch and feel things and also suck his thumbs. I know of some mothers who never put mittens on their babies as they don’t want to restrict their baby’s fingers. At the end of the day it’s up to you :)

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My LO turned 2 months not long ago and I've been removing her mitts in the day, to explore textures and work on her grasping. She wears them at night, in case she scratches herself while sleeping.

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1st week. I only use mittens when it’s very cold. I just cut my baby’s finger nails often. It’s not that difficult, although it’s nerve wrecking initially. Haha

Should start to avoid mittens after 1 month. To let them have a feel of their own hands. Can wear it back when they are sleeping


There is no specific time to remove baby’s mittens. You can just see how it goes as your baby grows

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Important to let baby feel with fingers and avoid mittens from 3 months plus

I remove after 2 weeks. But I trim her nails.

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Hi, I stopped when my son was 3 months old.

When you feel comfortable with it.

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Should remove mitten from 3 months