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My baby is 11 weeks old. I have cut her nails so that I can wean off mittens but her nails are still sharp enough to scratch her face. What can I do? Use an emery board? but her nails are quite soft still.

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Hello there. Initially i was like you too! Wanted my baby not to wear mittens as he can explore more on his own and touch things but i encountered the same thing as you. He will wake up every morning with new scratch on his face. Their nails are so tiny and yet sharp. I just put on his mittens back till he turned 3 months old. I felt that it was easier for me to trim his nails once he was 3 months old as i was able to get in the corners and trim it nicely.

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Perhaps day time dun wear and then wanna sleep, wear. Initially there will be few scratches, after that they will adapt to it. :)

I use a baby electric nail file! It’s easy to use and won’t accidentally cut baby or anything

5y ago

may i know what brand it is?

No too young to file... just cut as close as possible and hope no scratching

I use a nail trimmer. Very very safe.

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5y ago

Yup no need

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Use a electric trimmer

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No issue