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When did your bump start showing?

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I’m at week 10 now and it’s the same size as my friend’s baby bump who is at 23weeks. My mum told me her baby bump for my first sister was already quite big when she was week 10-12 like me now. So I followed her! Hahaha

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6weeks. Was in pantang period yet i can't tell anyone. Had horrible bloating n constipation that last for weeks. Had to rely on suppositories every weekend til i hit tri2. In tri2 it looks like a legit baby bump to me.

Mine got very obvious when i hit 6 months. But can see pregnant bump when i was 5 months. So from 20 weeks onwards mine grow bigger 😂

for my wife was before 6th month bump was small and it started to grow bigger thereafter

im prettt bloated so it was there since 10 weeks ahaha

it starts to get obvious after week 22

FTM usually after 20weeks or 25weeks

I'm 11 weeks , but no bump yet

13 weeks. Is it too early?

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didn't realise noticed