Hi Mummies, what do you give your LO for breakfast and meals. I feel that I'm always giving the same old food.. breakfast is usually what me and hubby eats and bread.. and meals time is porridge (broccoli, spinach, pork, ikan bilis, baby corn). My Lo is 18 mths.

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Oh, she eats very well.. sometimes I will boil soup and feed her with Mee Sua but often coz currently pregnant with no 2 and got complication.. I don't dare to try cheese and egg for the time being coz she has cough on and off..

i like to give egg toast, Cheese on toast. Cereal with milk for them. Meal time you can consider trying noodles, kway tiao and mee sua is a good start as it's soft

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Oats with milk, raisins and bread, For lunch i usually feed baby whatever i eat. For example, cabbage with egg stir fried and rice. Double boiled soup with rice.

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oatmeals, pancakes, cakes. roti prata. endless once your LO knows how to eat. recently my kids like french toast. bread dip in egg and pan fry

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cereal, pancakes with bananas, fruits.