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Hi mummies! What porridge do you cook for your baby everyday? It’s like eating the same porridge everyday. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, beetroot, carrot, chicken, pork & fish. What other ingredients do you add to the porridge?

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I feel you. In the beginning feel like also e same food. Now my lo is older. - Potatoes, tofu , tomatoes, broccoli, abc / lotus / papaya fish soup , peas, corn, chye sim, minced pork , salmon, cod fish, xiao bai cai, also add mushroom / ikan bilis powder to soups / porridge - pancakes , baby noodles, pasta, (I give once awhile ) etc

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Broccoli Threadfin fish Salmon Chinese yam root (huai shan) Wolfberry I shared a number of porridge recipe in my ig @MummyJLife you might want to check it out?

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You can always vary ingredients There is a recipe section on the app u can refer to

You can try various mix of zuccini, avocado, apple, yogurt, blueberry etc.

You may want to see Mummy J's posts and get some ideas from her.

Can try peas, silken tofu, egg, tomato, lentils , etc

Zuchinni, cabbage, tofu