Hi mummies. What was the first food you introduced to your baby?

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Potato! 😊


Last week rice porridege.. This week carrot puree..

3mo ago

how many times ba meals ni baby?

mashed potato with breastmilk

Porridge for 4 days Pure sweet potato (4days) / potatoes Pure Butternut squash (4days) Pure Broccoli (4days) Pure Carrot (4days) Pure Apple (4days) Pure avocado (4days) Pure banana (4days) Pure dragon (4days) Pure dates (4days) Pure papaya (4days)

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3mo ago

1-2 times for the first time for 6 month baby

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Squash puree

Cerelac..Banana flavor😍

Rice porridge


Parsnip puree, then after 2 days add carrot, then add red pepper, and now squash wich seems to be the vip of the first week :)