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Hi mummies, what first food you introduce to your baby? please share tips & any recipes pls. I'm a first time mum hence feeling quite nervous to introduce solid foods.

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Hi, At 4mo I added this Moon Rabbit baby cereal to my baby’s fm. I chose this brand because it is made in Singapore - personally I would trust a Singapore brand better haha While feeding the baby cereal once every week (I gradually stop adding into milk and use spoon instead), every two weeks I will feed max 1-2 teaspoon of: - pumpkin purée - avocado purées - apple - mango Until baby reached 6mo officially then I start feeding purées and porridge daily

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Hi Dr, u can try smashed veggies, fruit puree,raggi, wheat porridges, raw banana powder porridge like that😍don't give cows milk or any other milk before 1 years, and also dnt give nuts too, after 8months u can add little bit ghee to ur baby's food. if u introduce any new food please gve it in morning time and also dnt mix foods when try first time.

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butternut squash, pumpkin, banana and avocado are great first foods. can puree with either formula or breast milk as a start. baby cereal with formula or breast milk too

i tried organic cereal then slowly other cereal and puree (bought from supermarket)

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gerber cereal, carrot puree, pear puree. just steam and blend!

Steamed and blended carrot, pumpkin, potato puree :)

Banana, sweet potato! I mash it and feed my baby :)

Steam Pumpkin + breast milk


Apple puree and cereal