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Hi mummies, just want to check if I can use pigeon wet wipes to clean my 2 month old tongue since its just water and no alcohol? I used nuk before but its already not available in kiddy palace.

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Yup, went to find yesterday but only left with single boxes of Nuk oral wipes which is so expensive. I bought Pigeon baby tooth & gum wipes. Alternatively, you can try using sterile gauze (from pharmacies) and warm water.

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I don't think it's advisable ... You can use a small piece of warm, moist cloth.

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Can use a cloth with warm water or get those finger brush :)

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I think use a wash cloth and distilled water better

Cloth is better as wet wipes may have chemicals

Can just use a cloth and clean with warm water

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suggest you to use warm cloth

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Use clean damp cloth will do


Just use cloth will do.

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I will use oral wipes. Nuk

2y ago

I used it before but cannot find in nearby kiddy palace. I will check other stores if still availble :)