How do you clean your nipple during confinement? Can use wet wipes? Is it safe for my lo to bf if I am using wet wipes?

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Instead of using wet wipes, i use a damp cloth. I wouldnt advise wet wipes as there are ingredients and chemicals in them. Nothing beats water with a clean cloth. Dont you think so? :)

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I used Nuk nipple wipes or cotton pad with boiled water. Wet wipes aren’t that safe because of chemicals.

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Use a hot wet cloth, at the same time can stimulate let down before breastfeeding

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Yes either use baby wet wipes to wipe or use damp clothe to wipe!

Using Ma fleur wet wipes. Made from 100% food grade ingredient.

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No need special cleaning, wet damn clothe does the job well

Used Nuk oral/nipple wipes. Packed individually for hygiene

I used damp cloth. Think it's better than wet wipes?


I'm using wet wipes that baby is using.