Baby Tongue

How often do you clean your baby’s tongue? I was told to clean 2-3 times per week. And I realized I couldn’t get rid of the white layer on baby’s tongue, is this normal? I’m using NUK wet wipes for tongue. #advicepls #firstbaby

Baby Tongue
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we do it nightly during the bedtime routine - with a thin wash cloth n cooled boiled water. initially baby isnt too happy and we can only clean the tip of the tongue. it gets easier after a while. we asked our PD too, and was told its not a big concern if the white residue is not too thick. btw, my baby is on mixed feed.

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Mine twice everyday while late morning bathing and wiping her before bedtime. I just use clean cloth with drinking water as mine is younger than 6mths. If yours is older you can try to get baby oral wipes.

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Will you be able to clean off the white layer entirely?

2x a day. I use wash cloth & cooled boiled water to clean. You need to clean frequently to get this white layer on baby tongue off if not will get thrush

U can try and clean every milk feed to prevent from oral thrush


you can get the finger toothbrush and clean up too