Baby wet wipes

Hi parents any recommendations for baby wet wipes ? Have been using Pigeon but feel like trying something else

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Have you tried the JDM version of Pigeon? Otherwise can try peekapoo cos it's really thick and moist too.

Peekapoo, Cloversoft

im currently using and sticking to jeju. used pijeon and huggies before okok

jeju wet wipes. cheap and good!

Soonsu story

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I've tried soonsu story, a bit thin but comes in packs with more sheets

Jeju wet wipes from qoo10

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Natural Organic - really soft and just enough moistness but they tend to stick to each other when pulling sheets. Ok if you don’t mind putting back excess sheets every time Peekapoo - soft, smells nice and moist Jeju Wipes - I find it’s a tad too dry but soft

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Jeju we wipes from shopee cheap and good!

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Some of my friends recommended natural organic. My girls have sensitive skin, but I tried it for them, no issues. Only con is have to stock up more during baby fair. If not, it’s a bit expensive. There’s promo now, $34.90 for 1 carton + free delivery.

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