GDM, low placenta & didnt go for checkups.

hi Mummies its my second pregnancy & im 30weeks as of today. my last checkup was abt a mth ago, had the Glucose test & i was diagnosed with GDM. oh and also low placenta when i went for the 20weeks detailed scan. however, i have not been attending any of my recent checkups or even the GDM consultation that was scheduled weeks ago. i am very tired since i have to look after my first child & my new place, i just dont have the energy to do anything or want to go anywhere as im scared of the rising covid cases. but now that i am 30weeks & with the condition that i am in, i honestly am worrying for both myself & the baby. 😭 i did not take any supplements, folic acid etc since the start of my pregnancy. i feel rlly bad since i am not doing the best like my first.. i cant get over it. 😢😢😢

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Hi mummy, I have gdm and Low placenta too. My second pregnancy,At week 35 now. I’m under stress too with this pregnancy plus exhausted. All alone managing every single thing for upcoming baby, house and my toddler. Just wana say, hang on, take a deep breath. One at a time.. it’s not easy. But eventually u can do it. Start with healthy meal(home cooked), then consider taking multivitamin(Obi min) at least.. set a routine for the first born. List down the do’s for newborn. What to prepare and all. The rest will fall into place. Start going for your check up. Not too late to start all over again. You are almost there.

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Hi mummy, how are you now? Is your husband or other family member able to help you to care for your first child and settle your new place so that you can focus on your current pregnancy? You sound really exhausted and probably has given up. Get someone help to care for other stuffs then talk to your gynae and get professional help from your gynae. You have been going through a lot and you are finally in the 3rd trimester, keep holding on mummy and do what you should based on doctor's advice. Don't forget that your baby is in you, supporting you too.. You are not alone. 😊

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Dear mummy, it's alright to feel low in energy and depress. Every mum at certain stage of their life go through some ups and downs. Pls do seek helps from friend or relative to care for your first child, while u got take some rest and pls go for chk up. jia you

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Maybe start off by taking the folic acid? Get your hubby to buy from the polyclinic pharmacy while you try to fix the nearest appointment date..

I think it's still not too late. Just get a checkup done and see what the doc recommends

Honestly i think you should go for the checks n consultation.. risky…