Weak Body...?

Hi mummies! I am coming 24weeks in days time, i actually realise that i am getting even weaker and i get tired easily for the past 1 1/2months.. Recently i went out with my mother and walked for about 20mins, i feel like collapsing as my body felt weak and was lucky to get support by grabbing a shelve. A week ago, i was getting ready to head out with my partner and also felt the same. Today, i feel rlly weak and tired.. Just the same way as i felt those 2 times, why is that so? Is it normal because its my first pregnancy? I am not working, i am staying with my parent and doesn't do any housework except for cleaning my room.😭 i kinda hate this kind of feels that my body is experiencing now..

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Super Mum

It’s normal, dear. Pregnancy can be very tiring, and you also don’t feel like yourself. But this won’t be forever okay? Try to relax and rest a bit more now.. once baby’s out, life will be super hectic again

2y ago

Thank you mummy Cheryl! I find it quite frustrating as my body wasnt used to this kind of 'tiredness' and keep wondering as i didnt do many work but still feel tired eventho i truly understand that its because im carrying my growing little one in me😂stay safe!