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Hi mummies! Is it more difficult to lose weight with a c section as compared to a natural birth?

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Really depends on individual.. I'm almost 3 months pp, had a natural birth and still having a hard time losing the pregnancy weight.. dont worry about your weight too much! Be kind to your body, give it at least 9 months to go back to before.... it took that long to put on all the pregnancy weight right?

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Depends on individual. Some breastfeed can lose weight , some can’t. Some takes 1-2 years, some takes longer. Still need to cut down on carbo.

Don't think so. Breast feeding helps to reduce weight. Just need to give yourself some time May 6- 7 months


Nope I'm back to my weight. I am C sec and it only took me 2 month to go back. I breastfeed my baby.

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From what i see, depends on indiv body and discipline during and aft confinement

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Nope as long as you breastfeed you can easily lose weight either way

Nope. It's depend how to control ur diet and can do some exercise

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Depends on the persons body

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No. That’s not true

Don’t think so